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Be very afraid.
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The Sphinx

Tue Nov 22, 2016, 4:58 AM

Halloween has come and gone, and while it might not be as an important event for some (including me), as for others, I do enjoy Halloween-HQ's magnificent Halloween Mysteries. So, since this year I got the chance to be a character, how could I have resisted? And while most of you might not even have noticed it, I have been the Sphinx for almost a month. And magnificent it has been.

The Sphinx by sheorun

Once you found her lair (I included two misguiding steps: Search further and you shall find me) this was the part of the story you encountered, as well as the task you were supposed to solve in order to be able to move on. The task itself is formulated very openly, so that everybody was able to stay in their comfort zone. Artistic quality has not been judged either. So to speak, if you sent me a quick muro drawing or a small 4-verse poem (or even less), you already were able to move on. Therefore you can't imagine how much you surprised me with your creations. There is not a single one among them, that doesn't show thoughtfulness of the creator. And since it would be a shame to let your artworks go to extinction, simply because the game is over, I want to give all of you a little exposure on them, also as a "thank you" for all the effort you created them with. So, I'll feature all of them here, as a little token of appreciation. You all did a wonderful job and I was honoured with every entry I received, for each one of them had a little something that would refer to my story.

Merit of Stars

a merit for winners of the game, as well as an acknowledgement of the wonderful roleplay comments they gave

The sphinxI.
Sphinx of Egypt, resting in the sands
Eons had passed upon you,
the world changed, yet you still stand. 
Did you make an oath to Titans?
Or are you challenging mountains
to determine whom would last?
Sphinx of Egypt, myth of time,
Always with your head held high,
blessed by gods to forever stand
guarding the ancient secrets 
and keeping a watchful eye
upon Cairo and the pyramids, 
protecting the mysteries of old, 
and holding the key to riddles
that are yet to unfold.
Sphinx of Egypt, beast of legends
half a lion and half a man,
ever glorious despite the days
eating away at your talons, but
you silently listen to the sins
whispered by the world
standing witness to humanity's plights.
Sphinx of Egypt, defiant of ages,
you outlived the pharaohs, 
Alexander of Macedonia, and Caesar's
tyranny upon the land. 
You've witnessed Moses crossing the sea,
and Mari Magdalene's light.
Sphinx of Egypt, forever proud,
time moved and your sto
     2016 Halloween Event Zyn's SubmissionsThere is a notebook lying here. There are several pages missing, having been torn out in haste or lack of attention. Some of the remaining sheets are smudged with a cacophony of inks, charcoal, pencil smears.
The back of the journal seems to be tucked with a series of ill-matched papers, laid into the jagged edges of the back binding. There are words on these papers.
~The Headless Horseman's Story~
There is a beginning to this end.
Iron, flowers of garlic, silver crosses and icons… they are frivolous mortal trinkets in the end. For what belies fear more than carrying a talisman that requires no courage to hold? Those who walk the paths of night without such fear know that the only way to keep a walker of the ghost trails at bay is to remove from them something valuable.
Fools will believe they are safe should they steal something that will serve any bearer or wearer. A sword. A shield. A necklace, a girdle, a crown.
Those who are not fools will take the head of a ghost walk
    Sphinx by AemLesniw

SolidMars, ShadowZyn, AemLesniw

Merit of Craftmanship

a merit for effort and dedication, craftmanship and quality

Mature Content

Sphinx of the moon light by Ninnkigal
    Sphinx by Okashy    The Great Sphinx by GreenAngel5

Ninnkigal, Okashy, GreenAngel5

Merit of Attention

a merit for closely paying attention to description and details

The Sphinx by Stygma    Sphinx by InuyashaFan4-ever    Sphinx by MirachRavaia

Stygma, InuyashaFan4-ever, MirachRavaia

Merit of Words

a merit for craftmanship with words

The SphinxWings of ebony, body of a powerful lion, beauty of a goddess
A being that can be either malevolent or gracious
Treat her with respect and she will see you worthy
But should you ignore her, be ready, for she will end your life’s journey
In middle of the desert by the pyramids lays her home
These golden sands are her territory, this is where she will roam
Even the pharaohs knew of her wisdom
But her words come down in riddle so be careful with your decision
Come to see her and show your interest
She will be fully pleased to put it the simplest
See her gracefulness but know of her being deadly
These claws and teeth will find you faster than you think so be careful not to anger her too badly
This is the Sphinx
This is how she thinks
This is the beauty of the world
This is one of the world’s mysteries uncurled
So, I took part into this year's Halloween Heist and met with The Sphinx. She seemed nice but very swiftly showed her dislike for
     Sphynx O there she stands, so tall and brave, 
A catlike creature, perfectly framed 
She shows some peace within her gaze, 
Don't stare to long, her eyes ablaze 
She seeks to catch you unawares, 
A chant, a riddle, in her stares, 
She's sleek and dark, just like the night, 
Her fangs are sharp, and oh, she bites, 
Pointed pyramids frame her purr
The sphynx stands tall, listen to her 
     SphinxTowering above all others who walk
Even the pyramids of Giza, to them the are a pile of rocks
A mighty beast that stands above all
The magnificent Sphinx will enthrall
A face more entrancing that any man
A strong beautiful creature with a body that shines like gold
All cry out "The Spinx!" Low and behold.

AkuDemyfan, XxFlameFrost101xX, CultivatedRose

Merit of Creativity

a merit for special techniques and out-of-the-box thinking

Sphynx by Shadoweddancer    An Invitation to Mystery by SlytherclawPadawan    Egypt by TanteTabata

Shadoweddancer, SlytherclawPadawan, TanteTabata

After receiving your piece of art via note, it was upon me to judge your doings and send you on to the next characters. Based on my judging you could receive three different kinds of answers, already hinting at how you would be judged score-wise. For the game, there is a point scoring system, that works as follows: You receive 0/2 points, if either you do not attempt the task given at all, or completely fail. 1/2 points would be given, if I could judge you tried, but I cannot recognize a sphinx. 2/2 would be awarded for solving the task perfectly, which I can say all of you did. There was not a single one among you I had to score down, which is also the reason all of you received a note containing somewhat the same story, depending on whether or not you sent me a roleplay answer I might have referred to.


With fear you notice the sun has already begun her ascent. She will never be satisfied.
A gust coming from behind warns you of her appearance.

"This shall not be what was promised." She doesn't care for a peaceful appearance this time. With bare teeth she snarls the words at you, sits down, her wings spread wide and sends forth an unwordly call to the sky.
You know you only have moments left to do something that would satisfy her. Before the arrival of her brothers and sisters. Before the pyramids and with them the part of your soul would be torn down and be gone forever.

Hurry! Create something to calm the sphinx! Remember, that artistic quality will not be on the judging! If you have trouble with the sphinx you can visit other characters and try again later. If you skip now, you can't come back and therefore won't be able to complete your soul. Don't give up yet!


The sun has already begun her ascent and soon the Sphinx will be back to judge your efforts. But will she be satisfied? A gust coming from behind warns you of her appearance.
"This shall not be what was expected, but it will have to suffice. You bestowed me with your help, so I shall bestow you with my help as well. Heed my wisdom, for it will only be spoken once:

You traveled wide, you traveled far,
having torn your soul apart,
you followed hundred paths unknown,
for getting back what was forlorn,
heed my words and guard your steps,
for Ian (JustACapharnaum), Dorian Gray (Ero-Haru), or the Kraken (Emerald-Depths),
shall have that what was first taken.


A gust of wind awakes you. The bright morning sun makes you blink and it takes a moment for you to realize you must have fallen asleep for you worked through the whole night. The gust must have been caused by the sphinxes wings, since you see her wandering around your work in the near distance, her wings still half-spread, her head turning this way and that. You watch her steps for a while, wondering how she might decide.
Finally she turns to your direction, her eyes having lost their hate, sits down and begins to speak:

"Worthy being, you bestowed me with your help, so I shall bestow you with my help as well. Heed my wisdom, for it will only be spoken once:

You traveled wide, you traveled far,
having torn your soul apart,
you followed hundred paths unknown,
for getting back what was forlorn,
heed my words and guard your steps,
for Ian (JustACapharnaum), Dorian Gray (Ero-Haru), or the Kraken (Emerald-Depths),
shall have that what was first taken.

A sound of relief escapes your throat and you prepare your magical compass at once to continue your journey. The last thing you see is the sphinx, offering a slight bow to show her respect.

To wrap this all up, here is an insight in the stats of this year's game:

77 deviants joined the game, 24 finished.
Of those 24, 14 visited all characters.
5 players got a 2/2 score for each step.

2 players had to be disqualified. Spamming, ignoring rules and making solutions/answers public were the main reasons. Sadly I myself had to bring the disqualify notice to one player. Even more sadly they blocked me therefore, leaving me with no option as to fave or comment on the piece of art they did for me. I hope I can reach out to them this way at least. I understand their reaction, however I would have hoped for a different one, since it was a much discussed decision made by the organizers and it would not have been right to simply oversee behaviour against the rules, even if unintentional. These rules are meant to maintain a fair experience for all participants after all.


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Imagination coming to life...
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Art is my life. It has always been. I like all kinds of art and am always trying out new techniques and styles. Each piece of art is special. Therefore each piece of art also needs its own special technique to come to life. Therefore I'm practicing. To improve. That's also why I'm studying architecture. I know there are many people out there saying architecture is no art, but it is. There are architects out there not only designing but also realizing buildings you would not even dream of. Art is a vast field with many ways of expression. I want to improve in every single one of them. That's why I'm here. Cause...

"Success is going from one failure to the next without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill


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